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Captive bred geckos for release in the wild
07-03-2017, 01:47 PM
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Captive bred geckos for release in the wild
I understand that there is some involvement of releasing elegans geckos for release on tiritiri matangi island.what a fanatasic opportunity for captive breeders to get involved in helping with getting good breeding stocks for the area.I wish it could happen to other areas in New Zealand to breed captive lizards to be released in their areas of origin.but there seems to be a worry of cross breeding.for example the jewelled geckos that I would love to reintroduce back into the banks peninsula area but there seem to be a concern about cross breeding from captive lizards.I was wondering if there was a way to prove to pedigree of the jewelled gecko lizards wheather we could add to the wild stock with the help of D.O.C of course.
What are the thoughts of keepers in the areas around the country of what could be done here or in the areas of the country.
Love to hear your thoughts as I have hit a bit of a dead end.I would love to help but can't because of the way things are done at this time I am sure that other keepers like myself would love to help but maybe don't have the money or time or qualifications to be able to help.
What can we do?Or what opportunities are there available to be able to help?
Why can't we have an opportunity to help with lizard stocks around the country if we can prove pedigree?
I seem to think that why can't we have a link to help with stocks of lizards around the country when they are safe in cages for breeding then the babies after a short time could be released like in auckland?
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